Townhouses Win for Housing in Mouvaux, France

Loyal reader and inspiring writer Natalie Weinberger recently reminded us of a past but interesting competition (reported by writer Chris Barnes): "Paris studio LAN Architecture have won a competition to design a residential complex for Mouvaux, France.  The 117 residential units will be clad in various patterns of brickwork, visually breaking the development down into smaller elements."  From the architects: "Analysis of uses and architecture types composing the urban morphology of Mouvaux quickly led us towards the conception of a hybrid model, an intermediate housing environment able to accommodate desire for intimacy as well as sociability.  This choice is legitimated by the scale of the construction already composing the district and the city’s fabric.  The relation between the container and the content is inverted and the new buildings become tools for defining public spaces."  It is unclear if the project is moving forward (developers were said to be Acarat Groupe, Groupe GHI, and Notre Logis) but the principles and concept are instructive.  Full post here.