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By City

  • Print: Bainbridge Bunting, Houses of Boston's Back Bay.

  • Print: Randall Cotton & Jeffrey Cohen, “Vernacular houses: The Philadelphia Trinity house”, Old-House Journal, Vol. 20 No.3 (1992-05/06) p. 4.

  • Print: Elizabeth McCall, Old Philadelphia Houses on Society Hill, 1750-1840.

  • Print: Stephen & Wanda Mouzon, The Bienville Collection.

  • Print: Kevin Murphy, The Houses of Greenwich Village.

  • Print: Alice Read, “Making a House a Home in a Philadelphia Neighborhood”, Perspectives in Vernacular Architecture, Vol. 2 (1986) pp. 192-199.

  • Print: Virginia Restemeyer & E. Weiner, Hip & Hidden Philadelphia: The Unexpected House in a City of Tradition.

  • Print: Henk Zantkuijl, Bouwen in Amsterdam.