Washington-Area Townhouses Get Many Things Right

From Greater Greater Washington writer Cavan Wilk: "The Leesborough townhouse and condominium development in Wheaton exhibits excellent urban planning and creates a sense of place on the human scale.  Well-designed infill can increase density without decreasing amenities and quality of life.  In Leesborough, the Wheaton Metro Station is a 10-minute walk south on Georgia Avenue.  Rather than having wide streets with long driveways, the townhouses and condominiums in Leesborough address the street, which has parallel parking, while the garages around back open up to an alley, much like older row house neighborhoods in DC.  The rear placement of garages eliminates curb cuts from the primary streetscape.  Leesborough is not perfect, obviously. It is a single-use housing development. There is no neighborhood-serving retail like a convenience store or a dry cleaner."  Full post here.