Incremental Housing Strategy in India

Another oldie but goodie from reader Natalie Weinberger, originally reported by ArchDaily writer David Basulto: "In developing countries, almost all construction is done by anyone but architects.  In these countries architects can develop strategies together with communities to achieve housing solutions that address today's necessities and can be extended as families grow, once again without architects.  In Bombay, a team of international architects, urban planners, landscape architects, and graphic designers volunteered to set up a strategy that uses existing urban formations as the starting point for development, and existing social networks are respected.  Each family is free to choose one of the three incremental prototypes, and all prototypes need the participation of the community to emerge.  After the reinforced concrete structure is up, the families can help by placing windows, doors, and tiles, and painting. "  Key participants were Sheela Patel and Jockin Arputham of SPARC and Filipe Balestra and Sara Göransson of Urban Nouveau.  Full post here with lots of images.