Density can be either "monolithic" or "approachable and humane", difference is scale

From PlaceShakers writer Susan Henderson: "A number of recent conversations regarding density and residential types has me thinking about building typology as one solution to visualizing and embracing density.  The Lincoln Institute has done a good job of making the touchy subject more approachable on their website and clarifying the difference between similar densities that ultimately prove more or less desirable in their final built form. "For example, compare the similar densities from San Francisco [below] and Boston [above]. The narrow buildings around Louisburg Square are human scaled and very approachable from the view of the pedestrian. In contrast, the monolithic buildings in San Francisco create a canyon at the street level and contribute very little to the effort to promote sustainable densities.  Instead of debating the number of units per acres, planners and city staff should consider addressing types of buildings."  Full post here.