Cincinnati's "diverse, well-built" small urban buildings meet demand trend. Is your city ready?

From Better! Cities & Towns writer Dan Parolek: "Cincinnati has a tremendous opportunity. In its urban neighborhoods it already has what other cities want and are trying to build: A variety of urban housing types, including some of the best collection of Missing Middle Housing in the country; a network of neighborhood main streets ready to be revitalized; a rich, diverse, and well-built collection of historic architecture; and, easily accessible open space networks created by the topography weaving throughout these neighborhoods. "One of the primary reasons for cities like Cincinnati to be optimistic has to do with the convergence of the two biggest population groups, the Millennials (Gen Y, ME generation) and the Boomers that are both creating a strong and growing demand for living in walkable urban places.  The Queen City is positioning itself to capture this demand, and putting a strategy in place to make these neighborhoods Complete Places with everything urban neighborhoods have to offer.  Is your city ready?"  Full article here.