Small urban spaces instructive for fine-grained infill design, collected in latest Dwell magazine

Before the month is over, I have to mention the latest issue of Dwell has as its theme "Smaller & Smarter", which is redundant but represents a welcome continuation of Dwell's coverage of small urban spaces that have a lot to teach.  Featured spaces include:

  • Erich Sattler Winery in Austria designed by Architects Collective, pictured above ("The courtyard is formed by the traditional L-shaped residential buildings surrounding")
  • A 270 sq ft, 4-story apartment in Paris designed by Lode Architecture, pictured below ("I think spatial and technical constraints are good for the imagination")
  • A flat designed by LOT-EK that wraps around a central staircase in a narrow West Village walk-up ("We wanted to turn the problem on its head so that the two dark corridors became the most beautiful spaces")

Sadly, none of these made it onto the Dwell subscribe already!