Oklahoma City townhouses based on "time-tested template" and built to "endure for centuries"

From loyal reader Tom Johnson, a townhouse project in Oklahoma City called the Brownstones at Maywood Park.  "When I saw what was being done in a city with such little density as Oklahoma City, I thought that it might be worthwhile to pass along.  It's an extremely nice neighborhood." The townhouses, developed by Triangle Partners and designed by TAP Architecture, are brick luxury townhouses with Western facade details.  From the developer's website: "The Brownstones are a hybrid of history and progressive thinking, based on a concept formulated by a group of University of Oklahoma architecture students.  The time-tested template of high-end urban communities being comprised of rowhouses, or brownstones, brings the New York feel to Oklahoma City.  Instead of sprawling outward in typical suburban style, each individual home is constructed vertically, up to 3.5 stories tall at 3550 square feet.

"The Brownstones offer the latest technology in construction, insulating concrete forms (ICF).  It is the choice in LEED Certified construction and creates an energy efficient structure.  With rich components of slate tile, copper, and wrought iron, along with the finest masonry brick, cladding each Brownstone’s ICF substructure, the Brownstones embrace 'green' sustainable building technologies, and will endure for literally centuries with very low maintenance or upkeep costs.  These ‘legacy’ homes can truly be expected to be passed from generation to generation."  Listing with floorplans here.