More Mid-Rise Madness: Builder Magazine Slideshow and USGBC Competition

Several days ago I posted about the often-neglected (by me) scale of mid-rise, but of course many others got the memo long ago, e.g. from Builder magazine, a slideshow of exemplary mid-rise projects.  Description: "Are we poised to witness a new era of mid-rise construction?  Many industry watchers think so and will happily rattle off the reasons.  A thoughtfully articulated building of four to six stories can add density to an existing neighborhood, in many cases producing the foot traffic needed to support retail or public transit.  As a transitional building form in the landscape, it can smooth the progression from dense urban core to low-lying residential subdivisions."  (Pictured: Union, San Francisco, California.  Developer: Palisades Development Group.  Architect: SB Architects.  Photo credit: Bruce Damonte.) Also, keep your eyes peeled for the results of USGBC's Multifamily Midrise Design Competition, whose deadline for registration and materials was yesterday.  The results will be announced during the 2011 Greenbuild Conference and Expo in Toronto, Oct 4-7.