Colorado Townhouses "Plucked from Brooklyn, Plopped in Suburbia", Compact Regardless

From Colorado's Lone Tree Voice, news of a massive subdivision that includes townhouses: "RidgeGate is a six-square-mile development that straddles both sides of Interstate 25 south of Lincoln Avenue. The New Urbanism-style community, which may take 40 years to complete, likely will include 12,000 homes and about 20-million square-feet of retail and office space.  At a quick glance, the tall, narrow dwelling units look as though they were plucked straight from a Brooklyn street and plopped down in suburbia.  It’s part of an overall look and feel Coventry Development planned with great care, and one that will become more cohesive with time and further development.  'The objective was to use the land more efficiently and in a more responsible manner', Coventry’s development manager Darryl Jones said.  'More homes in a smaller amount of land.'  The New Urbanism theme calls for a variety of housing styles, already very much in evidence within RidgeGate.  Miramont Apartments, with retail space on the ground floor and three stories of dwelling space above, also exudes an urban feel."  Full article here.