Chico, CA small-scale infill residential breaks from sprawl, sets new pattern, makes money


From Better Cities & Towns writer Robert Steuteville: "A 22-unit apartment complex of four small buildings was finished in May of 2014 in Chico, CA, completing the traditional neighborhood development Doe Mill, begun in 2000.  The complex, designed by Anderson/Kim and developed by Greenline Partners, does certain things well despite its location on a car-oriented thoroughfare. -- It is small scale.  The scale allows the buildings to be integrated with townhouses, single-family houses, and courtyard buildings that make up the rest of Doe Mill.

  • Due to their small size, these buildings are easier to finance and simpler to build than many larger multifamily buildings.
  • Rather than backing off of the higher-speed road in front, the units make an architectural statement.
  • Rather than contributing to the sprawling character of this area, these buildings help to set a new pattern.
  • The project made money.  'All 22 units have been leased at rents about 15 percent above the pro forma,' Anderson notes."

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