Architect's townhouses for Philly and Chicago built, soon Miami plans downloadable for free

flexhouse Townhouse Center's collaboration with FIU Architecture was recently published to great fanfare, and our collaboration with ISA will be published soon.  In the meantime ISA -- famous for its townhouse prototype for Philly called the 100k House, which has been built in 3 separate locations -- designed a prototype for Chicago, which also got built: Flexhouse.

Flexhouse is also proposed for a second location.  From the sales website: "Flexhouse is a new type of home that is tuned to the 'new normal' of the twenty-first century.  The houses are modest, efficient, urban, and cool — appealing to urban lifestyles that seek to make sustainable lifestyle choices.  The Flexhouse model is the answer to what Ranquist Development has seen as an evolving market demand in Chicago with the ability to speak to new demographics and take root in vibrant, transitional neighborhoods."

According to ISA founder and principal Brian Phillips, "Flexhouse provides affordable, contemporary living in an attached rowhouse format -- a novelty in the Windy City.  The site is a short walk from the MTA Blue Line, encouraging a higher denity pattern.  Stainless steel window wraps are used to develop a clear street rhythm among the eight attached homes.  The idea of flexhouse is to provide an open, dynamic floor plan that invites user customization by minimizing walls and doors."