ALNY wealth of resources about small-scale vacant lots and prototype buildings to fill them

Agrest-Gandelsonas-538x379The Architectural League New York took an in-depth look back at "Vacant Lots", its 1987 collaboration with the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development.  From the League's website we learn that "Vacant Lots" was a "design study examining the potential of small-scale infill housing to contribute to the city’s affordable housing portfolio.  The study identified ten sites owned by the City in the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn that were representative of the types of small abandoned lots proliferating in the city at the time, and that were considered realistic prospects for development.  The League’s charge to designers was to develop plans for these sites that could be prototypical solutions. "Collected here is original material from the Vacant Lots book, a photo essay on Urban Omnibus of the ten sites today and a survey of contemporary initiatives for housing New Yorkers, and excerpts of recent conversations with Mark Willis and members of the Vacant Lots organizing committee: Carol Willis, Deborah Gans, Brian McGrath, Mark Robbins, and Rosalie Genevro."  Resources include: