"Miami is missing middle-density building types" and all their benefits, such as...

Miami_Missing_Middle_Jennifer_2_Garcia_24_03_2013From Global Site Plans writer Jennifer Garcia: "Miami is a melting pot.  However, contemporary housing fails to represent this diverse population by developing only single-family homes and condos.  Miami is missing middle-density building types: townhouses, row houses, courtyard housing, and more.  Why are these middle units important?

  • Crowded condos have made 'density' a bad word among many communities.  However, [middle-density] building types are small-scale and blend seamlessly in any community, which makes the [local government] approval process easier.
  • They create a fine-grain mix of families, incomes, and ethnicities.
  • Attached housing is economical due to the utilization of the shared wall, simple forms, and smaller size, resulting in less waste on unnecessary construction.
  • As the city matures, these units can also be easily adapted for other uses in the future.
  • Mature neighborhoods offer vacant lots and opportunities for redevelopment within city limits.  These infill properties are ideal for small, incremental growth."

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