Guide to new Philadelphia rowhouses: 26 new rowhouses with photos and critique

14If you've been looking for examples of new urban townhouse construction, look no further than these 26 different projects with photos and analysis by Hidden City Philadelphia writer Michael Burlando: "If you want to see how Philadelphia builds row houses today, for better or worse, there’s no better place to visit than Graduate Hospital. "During the feverish rebuilding of the neighborhood that took place over the last decade – G-Ho went from more than 500 vacant lots and houses in 1998 to fewer than 100 today – the mania of the boom gave rise to the infamous 'G-Ho Special.'  Vinyl and stucco abounded; vapid garage-fronts and a total lack of detailing were the order of the day.  There are great contemporary houses in the mix as well, bringing new materials, attitudes, and life to the old blocks in sensitive and thoughtful ways."  Full post with all photos and analysis here.