Study of 9 cities finds 5x more property tax per acre from multi-story mixed-use buildings

[youtube=]The Sonoran Institute recently commissioned a study called "About Town" (undertaken by Urban3), of 9 cities' property tax per acre from conventional development vs. multi-story mixed-use development.  From the study website: "Financial strain can be a burden on local governments, but it can also be a force for change, encouraging officials to build stable revenues while spurring economic growth. "In the search for solutions, local officials would do well to recognize the value of downtowns and mixed-use centers.  This study found that in terms of dollars per acre, mixed-use downtown parcels bring in, on average, five times the property tax revenue as conventional single-use commercial establishments."  Study brochure here, full text here, write-up in Arizona Trend Report here, and Sept 20 webinar registration here.