Kuala Lumpur's shophouses are its "most beautiful sights", need renovation, say world travelers

From Perpetual Traveler writer Dasza:  "Old Chinatown and its shophouse architecture, built during British colonial times, are the most beautiful sights in Kuala Lumpur. "In 1896 Kuala Lumpur was the capital of British colonialism.  The British instructed that all wooden houses shall be replaced by brick and get tiled roofs.  The façades reflect the popular architectural style of those times.

"The Old China Café is really worth mentioning, with (a bit) better food and traditional Malay dishes on the menu and most of all, shows great effort to preserve a shophouse in its old glory.  Upstairs was a Chinese tea house, with the best blend we have tasted so far.

"Unfortunately, most shophouses in Kuala Lumpur, originally constructed between the end of the 19th century and the 1920s, were renovated with very little sensitivity to their architectural design.

"An elegant row of shophouses with distinct rooflines, columns and window shapes. Harshly contrasting with its steel-glass progeny.

"My favourite Kuala Lumpur Abbey Road cover. Where are the Beatles?"  Full post here.