Rohous magazine highlights small buildings of various uses, "sharing best the world has to offer"

From BMore writer Julekha Dash: "Imagine a German architect colliding with Charm City’s design sensibilities.  That’s exactly what Daryl Landy did when naming his new iPad magazine Rohous.  Yes, the name is a take on Baltimore’s ubiquitous rowhouses. "The former director of Pigtown Main Street Street, who holds a masters degree in industrial design, says he has always been interested in home furnishings and architecture and living well in small spaces. Rohous highlights homes and businesses that contain less than 1,200 square feet.

"The magazine will feature small spaces around the world, not just in Smalltimore.  Rohous takes a look at smaller restaurants as well."  Full article here.

From Rohous website: "Each month we will invite you to immerse yourself into a world where living well comes in small packages. Good design, innovative architecture, awe-inspiring interiors and the efficient use of space will be the focal point of our publication.  Sharing the best the world has to offer, we will explore a variety of dwellings including houses, restaurants, apartments, boutiques, hotels and other unique spaces."