Bronx and Brooklyn small-scale infill sculpted in Lego with astonishing realism and detail

From MOC Pages member Jonathan Lopes: "I am a long time fan of Lego bricks and also a sculptor and artist who works within the medium of Lego bricks.  I am based in Brooklyn, NY, but have traveled across the country displaying models and delivering custom artwork created from Lego bricks. I’ve worked on commissions – large and small – for private groups, non-profit organizations, galleries, book publishers, authors and retail shops as well as for Toys r Us and The Lego Group, itself. "Additionally, I build quite a bit for my own enjoyment. I typically build model train and town layouts - entirely out of Lego bricks. Using an earth-tone color palette, I try to build buildings and landscapes as realistically as possible.  My main source of inspiration is the neighborhoods in which I have lived in the Bronx and Brooklyn. There are some amazingly detailed tenement buildings in both boroughs that have withstood the test of time and the cities darker days."

MOC is short for "my own creation" among Lego fans, i.e. not an official set with instructions.  Below are just a few images of Jonathan's fantastic creations, including a 3-story walk-up, an entire neighborhood layout, and bonus Baltimore rowhouses.  Several galleries here.