Rowhouse "reign supreme...adaptability to 21st-century lifestyles makes them relevant"

From Houzz writer Bud Dietrich: "From the early 19th century through the early 20th, America's cities grew at a rapid pace.  Immigrants from other countries as well as a migration from farms to city centers fueled this growth.  To accommodate the new urban population, block after block of a type of urban dwelling, the row house, was constructed.  This narrow and tall structure could be built quickly and efficiently and could be single or multifamily depending on neighborhood economics.  Though many of these houses were demolished for new development, there are several neighborhoods where these homes still reign supreme. "In fact, it's the adaptability to our 21st-century lifestyles that makes these houses as relevant today as they were more than a century ago.  These homes are blank canvases that can be what you want.  Large openings between all the rooms allow natural light to permeate the interior.  Now, with new materials and technologies, there's no reason not to have large, expansive skylights to bathe the entire interior with light from above.  And tall ceilings, often 10 feet or more, provide a spaciousness that compensates for the narrow floor plan."  Full post with photos here.