Singapore gov resources about shophouses are detailed, sometimes free, and thought-provoking

The Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority provides a large selection of publications (printed books and brochures) and circulars (electronic brochures) on conservation, which largely deal with shophouses and their various aspects and are an excellent resource for understanding this small urban building type and how it can be a model for other small-scale infill.  For example, the free circular "Conserved Shophouses -- Do's & Don'ts" covers all the significant architectural features of a shophouse and includes many informative and eye-catching photos and drawings.  Other titles include: Restoring the Singapore shophouse: The 'top-down' approach, "Understanding the first storey: Five footways and front facades", "Understanding the mechanical and electrical services", "Understanding the doors, windows and vents", "Understanding the partywalls", and "Understanding the roofs".