8 Singapore shophouses adapted and restored by 7 local architects and 1 smart developer

An exemplary project, from its website: "The Lorong 24A Shophouse Series is a boutique development involving a row of 1920s shophouses.  Eight shophouses meet seven local architects — a collective project integrating contemporary design and creative functionality with the traditional charm of the archetypal shophouse. "The curatorial approach taken to this project allows residents to have their cake and eat it too — enjoying both the harmonious beauty of the collective exteriors, as well as the individual characteristics of the interior worlds.

"The design of each unit takes full advantage of the features of the shophouses, such as high ceilings and deep interiors, but also elegantly addresses typical issues such narrowness and lack of light.  The designs also preserve key elements of the traditional 1920s shophouses, such as the colourful and intricate façades, as well as the interaction between the interiors and external environments through courtyards and skylights."

The project is being developed by Pocket Projects, a company that "places a premium on good design, which has the potential to enrich a development by enhancing its functionality and, therefore, financial value.  With an open approach to working on both new builds and existing structures, across various uses, Pocket Projects looks forward to engaging in the creation of more spatially-exciting projects in harmony with the local context."

The architects are Atria Architects, KD Architects with FARM, HYLA , Lekker Design, Linghao Architects, Liu & Wo and Zarch Collaboratives (some of the shophouses are still under renovation).  The project website also includes extensive photos of each shophouse.  The HYLA shophouse is elucidated by the following videos (developer, architect, resident):