Lansdale, PA rowhouses are "new economy" project: small, prototypical, and urban

From the blog Philadelphia 2050, news of a rowhouse project near my childhood home, too: "I've been at my childhood home in the far suburbs these past few weekends helping my mom move, and what has caught my eye is the first real New Economy project up there.  This is the first project that has been entirely conceived and realized after 2008.  It's called Cannon Square, developed by WB Homes, and it's rowhomes.  It's in inner Lansdale, on the site of old industry with parking lot. "A major thing to note here: New Economy projects are urban. They consist of primarily attached housing in urban contexts (utilization of existing infrastructure), commonly multilevel, with small blocks.  They are designed and realized in smaller footprints, and with smaller budgets.  This style was pioneered with Southwest Center City builders (such as Metro Impact), who have succeeded in bringing economies of standardization to infill, primarily by standardizing rowhome design."  Full post here.