Net zero energey townhouses in Issaquah, Washington are completed, set example

200th post!  A year ago I posted about a proposed development of townhouses in Issaquah, Washington that would be zero net energy.  Well, they got built.  From Jetson Green writer Preston: "The homes go on sale this month and have received national attention.  Homes in this community will use zero net energy — after considering all energy used and produced during a year — and zHome may just be the first townhome project in the country to achieve such a feat.  zHome is developed by Matt Howland and Ichijo USA with the sponsorship of the City of Issaquah and the assistance of Built Green, King County, Port Blakely Communities, Puget Sound Energy, and the Washington State University Energy Program."  Full post here.  And from the Issaquah Post, an interview with the Ichijo USA project manager.