Shophouse development sells newspapers in Borneo, featured in five recent articles

Shophouse Week!  Leading up to the Sarawak Builders’ Expo (SARBEX) 2011 Total Living organised by the Sarawak Housing and Real Estate Developers’ Association, the Borneo Post provided extensive coverage of shophouse developers. Lee Ling Construction & Development: "Managing director Roger Tiang said that the company would be giving special emphasis on the Lee Ling Heights project.  The Lee Ling Heights project, taking up an area of 68 acres, will consist of 190 units of semi-detached double storey houses, 190 units of double storey terrace houses, 177 units of one-and-a-half storey terrace houses and a total of 81 shophouse units when completed.  The entire project would consist of 11 segments, of which Phases 2, 3, 4 were completed and Phases 1 and 5 planned to be launched.  The company would also be promoting its developments in the Matang area with the Lee Ling Commercial Centre.  So far, 16 units of three-storey shophouses have been built with approved plans to build 11 more units measuring 20 ft by 60 ft."  Full article here.

MD Kwang Tai Realty: "The Central City shophouses received an overwhelming response from property investors as those early birds will enjoy access to the Square, the two-storey wet market and food court.  'Currently, we have another commercial project named Ee Ann City which offers three and fours-storey Shophouses [pictured above] near to where the main bazaar is. There are a total of up to 101 units of shophouse under this project', the company also announced."  Full article here.

Pantai Bayu: "The Miri Marina Park developer is expected to launch the second phase of its shophouse development next year following the good response to the first phase.  The first phase included two seven-storey blocks, eight four-storey blocks and the remaining three-storey blocks, and the second phase is almost a replica of the first."  Full article here.

Sim Swee Yong Development & Construction: "Recently, the company completed 82 units of shophouses and two units of eight-storey towers at the Kota Sentosa Commercial Centre.  Currently, the company is in the process of constructing 26 units of double-storey shophouses at Jalan Matang [pictured]."  Full article here.

Silverdrum Corporation: "Answering the heightening demands of high-end commercial properties in Kuching, the company recently launched its 2nd Precinct shophouses to the public."  Full article here.