Side-Yard House in Charleston, South Caolina Renovated for Live/Work in Downtown

From Dwell writer Kelsey Keith: "Designers Helen Rice and Josh Nissenboim sought a historic house with a larger-than-average footprint so they could incorporate the operations of their design company, Fuzzco, into their living space. Also important, for reasons both practical and personal, was a good yard — in a shaky real estate market, acreage is a tangible asset, and both Rice and Nissenboim have a love for outdoor space and growing edible plants. "Their residence is considered a classic Charleston single, defined as a one-room-wide structure that hugs one side of a lot with a two-story piazza along the side and a front door that leads onto the open porch. Rice and Nissenboim stayed within the basic vocabulary of the traditional Charleston single (no fractal surfaces or cantilever additions here). Though the house was nothing remarkable in the surrounding landscape of stately peninsula homes, it had solid bones for a decidedly breathable, low-key, and modern living space — even if its windows hadn’t changed since the 19th century.

"The most noticeable alteration is in the back rooms, which were tacked onto the house at the turn of the century. There, they removed two walls to carve out an open living space and removed outdated wooden wall paneling to reveal an original tongue-and-groove wall. Many of the same friends contributed to the house’s transformation. In creating relationships with their peers through design collaboration, and rehabilitating existing but struggling property in the middle of downtown, Rice and Nissenboim are staking their claim on the creative future of South Carolina’s most progressive hamlet."  Full article with photo gallery here.  (Image credit: Daniel Shea.)