Townhouses in Manila, Philippines Blend Modernism, Humanism, and Sustainability

From the Manila Bulletin: "Five friends established a company they named Modern Dwellings.  Architect Joanna Santana and her partners believe that a resident can live a high quality life even within a limited space.  'We prefer to design communities and not just individual residences.'  Their latest, a nine-unit townhouse compound with a pool and playground in Don Antonio, Quezon City, is now in the final stages of construction. "The compound was designed to showcase functionality and green architecture.  Natural lighting and ventilation were achieved by using big windows and an air well.  Modular construction was also utilized.  Standard sizes of materials such as tiles, concrete hollow blocks, and boards were considered in doing the plans to minimize waste.

"Joanna shares the following ideas that can enhance the character of a modern house.

  • The layout should encourage interaction among family members.  Says Joanna, 'Because of the open plan, the furniture could be laid out on the intimate level or group level.'
  • Natural lighting and ventilation.  Although the area of each townhouse unit is not that large, the feeling of spaciousness helps in creating a homey environment.
  • Keep in mind that the modern home is a part of a bigger community.  Although the window openings are quite large, they are positioned in such a way so as to minimize direct visual contact.  There are common areas and open spaces that foster community."

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