Australian Architect Designs Two Townhouses Adapted from One Industrial Building

From Arch Daily writer Hank Jarz: "Tony Owen, namesake of Tony Owen Architects has shared with us his firm’s latest project, a pair of townhomes in the in the Sydney suburb of Newtown [inspired by] the pocket design solutions of Japan.  The result: a study of sculptural possibilities on a tight urban sight. "The site is located in a dense historic part of Newtown characterized by close packed 19th century 2 - 3 story terrace housing stock and industrial workshops.  The existing structure is 2-story masonry vernacular industrial.  It was intended that the design maintain the robust utilitarian expression of the existing industrial building while maximizing residential amenities.

"The proposal maintains all of the existing external walls and includes light-weight additions. These additions form 2 dwellings with attic-like loft space, rear courtyards, garage, and studios.  The living and bedroom spaces are directed to the courtyards, which provide light and outlook."  Full article with image gallery here.