Stoop of Happiness: Ontario Habitat Townhouse

From "Today, Habitat For Humanity Mississauga [Ontario] presented the Hussain family with the keys to their new townhouse.  'I’m very excited,' said Shaukat Hussain. 'I never thought I would have a home in Canada when I came from Pakistan.' Habitat provides the Hussains with a zero per cent interest loan for the three-bedroom home. The family was also required to complete 500 hours of sweat equity with the organization.  The Hussains' home is located within the Daniels Corporation’s Destination Drive Phase Two townhouse development. Daniels and Citi Foundation are the home’s co-sponsors and provided funding, services and materials needed to finish construction.  Habitat volunteers contributed 3,312 hours completing construction of the home’s interior. It's the first time Habitat has acquired a partially constructed townhouse."  Full article here.