Miami New Zoning Impact on Small Buildings

From New Urban Network writer Tony Garcia: "We can all breathe easier one year later — the doomsday predictions offered by land-use attorneys during the final push to implement Miami 21 never materialized.  As most of us in the land-use world know, our work takes generations to mature, and is measured in such small increments that we don’t even realize that urban change is happening until we look back on where we started.  In spite of the ongoing economic doldrums development has continued, and one can already see the impact the code is having on city’s landscape. The shift is most notable outside of the urban core, where small residential projects are being built in accordance with the code with noticeable impact.  In the instant gratification category, count the death of the 'snout house' as one of the most visible successes of the code to date.  You’ve seen these structures before: a duplex or attached home whose façade is dominated by a protruding, snout-like parking garage.  Miami 21 tackled this problem by restricting the amount of parking in the second layer to 30 percent of the total building frontage."  Full article here.