Chicago Vintage Rental Townhouse Now for Sale

[youtube=]From Chicago Magazine: "This four-story limestone townhouse built in the late 19th century is part of a block of nine known as the Fairbank Row Houses.  The houses in the row were designed by the architect Charles Palmer for Potter Palmer (they may have been cousins), who built many of the homes in the Gold Coast.  For being nine separate homes, the row’s vintage look is surprisingly intact. But there’s one thing missing: the steps that originally led from the sidewalk to the homes’ second level, their main floor.  Nancy Joyce says they may have been removed on orders of the architect David Adler, who lived in one of the homes as a newlywed.  With tall windows at both the front and back of all the floors, the home receives a lot of daylight for an interior unit. 'You can stand in one side [of the house] and see light in the other side because it’s only about 45 feet deep,' Joyce says."  The accompanying video reveals another important fact: the townhouses were originally built as rentals.  Full article with video here.