Photos, Part 3 with Rant About Required Parking

The final installment of the latest flurry of Flickr pool activity is a gallery of South Beach small commercial buildings (non-residential, mostly non-hotel) on the main commercial streets.  These buildings are attached or not wide, and are at least two stories at or near the sidewalk.  There are a variety of styles, but an overall absence of finesse.  (I apologize for the fingerprint smudge on the last several photos.)  Note the lack of garage or other on-site parking, allowing the small lots and buildings to be more efficient in creating rentable square feet and taxable property value.  Required parking may be the largest single threat to the preservation of old small buildings because any new building requires a garage, which requires a large assembly of land, i.e. demolishing a group of old small buildings, and then the new building with parking renders any remaining old small buildings that much more obsolete and unattractive for investment.  Regarding new small-scale urban infill development as opposed to preservation, the largest single obstacle to such new small development is without a doubt required parking.