How Much Does a Stoop Cost?

From New York Times writer Christopher Gray: "The Landmarks Preservation Commission has proposed three sprawling West End Avenue historic districts.  They happen to capture a particularly picturesque little row of houses at 316-326 West 85th Street, among the earliest of the designs by the remarkable Clarence True.  In 1890, he made a sudden and successful entry into the Manhattan market, with 22 houses in a single year on the Upper West Side [including] a three-house row for the west side of West End Avenue, from 88th to 89th Streets, no longer standing.  Built for the developer Richard G. Platt, these were in a pleasant Renaissance style, but instead of the usual 10- or 12-step stoop, their entrances were nearly at grade, only two or three steps up.  In early 1893 True spoke on the subject of domestic architecture with The Real Estate Record and Guide.  He considered the money spent on the high stoop wasted — half the cost of the entire front."  Full article here.  (Photo credit: Marilynn Yee.)