Lima, Peru Townhouses by Miami Architect

Miami architect Alejandro Zizold recently sent me some info about townhouses he designed in Lima, Peru: "The development is comprised of four townhouses in 'La Encantada de Lima', a neighborhood that was originally platted in the 1960s for large single-family estate homes. When designing the main façade of the units, close attention was paid to proportions as well as the relationship between volumes and voids. The main body of each townhouse is two stories and is flanked by a one-story element on one side and a void (side yard) on the other. All of these different elements are put together using geometric proportions to tie them together and create a playful overall façade for the development. The architectural vocabulary and interior layout of the townhouses are very formal and include well-defined spaces, ten-foot ceilings, and details which are reminiscent of colonial or neo-colonial architecture in historic areas in Chorrillos or nearby Barranco. Each townhouse includes three bedrooms, two and one half bathrooms, and den plus maid’s quarters within 1,700 square feet of living area."