DC Townhouse Lifestyle in Demand

From the Washington Examiner: "Once a stepping stone to a single-family house in the Washington suburbs, townhouses now are a housing destination.  'The townhouse has become a lifestyle decision.  Both husband and wife work, so they want to take advantage of the weekend and not worry about yard work,' said Bob Youngentob, president of Bethesda-based builder EYA.  'We focus on urban locations, so our changes were not geared to making the townhouses larger but to provide more design flexibility within the footprint.'  EYA aims for larger rooms within smaller, more efficient -- and thus more affordable -- floor plans, Youngentob said.  Last year in Northern Virginia, a three-bedroom townhouse averaged $398,190, a single-family home $466,191.  Chancellor's Row will offer front porches facing common areas where couples can enjoy the fresh air or kids can play in a parklike setting.  Some luxury townhomes, such as the New York-style Brownstones at Potomac Greens [pictured], offer four stories and private elevators."  Full article here.