Good for Urban Development: Double the Smarties

[youtube=]From reader Chavela Gonzalez, USA Today reports: "In more than two-thirds of the nation's 51 largest cities, the young, college-educated population in the past decade grew twice as fast within 3 miles of the urban center as in the rest of the metropolitan area — up an average 26% compared with 13% in other parts.  In 2000, young adults with a four-year degree were about 61% more likely to live in close-in urban neighborhoods than their less-educated counterparts. Now, they are about 94% more likely.  'This is a real glimmer of hope,' says Carol Coletta, head of CEOs for Cities, a non-profit consortium of city leaders that commissioned the research. 'Clearly, the next generation of Americans is looking for different kinds of lifestyles — walkable, art, culture, entertainment.'"  In my city, Miami, the number of 25- to 35-year-olds with a college degree in downtown increased 68%.  This bodes well for urban real estate development, which will need to be channeled into its most sustainable form: small, attached, prototypical, adaptable-use buildings.  Full article here, unrelated video via Jonathan Miller.