Julianne Moore for Traditional Cities?

From a blog called New World Economics by Nathan Lewis, an excerpt of his post on March 20, 2011: "Where did Suburban Hell come from?  Why do we keep making it?  Surprisingly, the answer is mostly irrational.  We did it because we like farmhouses.  It is just a fascination, the way some people like cats.  We need to be able to start to envision what our life in the Traditional City might be like, and to be able to say, yes, that is even better than a farmhouse, an SUV, and a 90-minute commute.  Maybe the best way to do this is to take specific example, courtesy of the actress Julianne Moore.  JM's house is for sale.  If you were to say to Mr. Suburban Hell, 'What do you think of living in Greenwich Village, in a big old brownstone with a big backyard, next door to Julianne Moore?'  Little different proposition, eh?  You have to make the mental step -- it is only a mental step, there is no physical component -- from the Suburban Hell picture in your head to a Traditional City picture in your head. Then, 2200 square feet with no car isn't an unendurable hardship, it is the pinnacle of luxe."  At the end of the post are links to dozens more by Mr. Lewis on the subject of the Traditional City.