Dwell Magazine Reports on Townhouses

The latest issue of Dwell includes an article -- not available online so subscribe already! -- by Aaron Britt about the 100K House two-townhouse project designed by Interface Studio Architects and developed by Postgreen Homes in Philadelphia's East Kensington neighborhood.  Teaser: "East Kensington's cashe of cheap, vacant lots, proximity to the hip Fishtown neighborhood, and nearby public transit make it an ideal laboratory for inexpensive urbanity.  'The box comes first!' was both a rallying cry during the design phase and a fact of life during construction.  'If we do a little less, can that actually be cooler than cheaping out?', said Brian Philips of Interface.  What's not visible from the street, though, is the LEED Platinum certification -- or its 2010 LEED for Homes Project of the Year award.  But the real selling point is that the 100K House came in at just $81 per square foot in construction costs.  'Until pretty recently, people imagined that the value of a home was tied to large square footage', says developer Courtney Ludeman, but Postgreen's thinking -- perpetually that of a citizen-developer -- extends beyond what it takes to make a sustainable home to what it takes to make a sustainable East Kensington."  The issue also includes a photo of the 9-townhouse Cemetery Road project in Sheffield, England designed by Project Orange, so subscribe to Dwell already!