Thai Shopouse Art Gallery Wins Restoration Award

From Bangok Post writer Pattara Danutra: "A new provincial art gallery was launched in February in Ratchaburi's Muang district, about 120km from Bangkok.  Its odd name, Tao Hong Tai: d Kunst, represents the dual background of its owner, Wasinburee Sukpanichvoraparch.  The building of Tao Hong Tai: d Kunst is an artwork itself.  Only a few days after its inauguration, this historical structure was honoured by the Association of Siamese Architects for its distinguished effort in restoring old architecture.  Combining wood, concrete and metal as raw materials, this three-storey structure has been modified from a two-storey Sino-Portuguese shophouse, with a history that can be traced to the reign of King Rama V.  Chatree Ladalalitsakul, the architect supervising the renovation process, is a member of the team which designed the new parliament office and is a regular award winner in the category of traditional-style architecture.  Its first floor comprises volumes of art publications for free reading.  The second is a small cafe and a corner for memorabilia, including a selection of ceramic items.  Meanwhile, half of the third floor is a room for the in-residence artist."  Full article here.