Shophouses Spread to Austin, Texas

I posted about shophouses spreading to the Balkans, and recently there has been speculation that ShopHouse may be coming to cities across the U.S., but one place they are definitely planned is Austin, Texas, according to local real estate agent Garreth Wilcock.  From a post on "Mueller, Austin TX is a mixed-use urban infill project built at the site of the old international airport.  The guiding Design Handbook was a collaboration between many members of the surrounding neighborhoods, [master developer Catellus, Roma Design Group] and the City who owned the land, and includes specification for Mueller Shop Houses.  The shop houses are estimated to be three stories tall, with retail space below and residential space above."  From Mr. Wilcock's blog: "According to the design book, lot sizes will be 55×25 feet.  The Mueller Design Book has them placed on the north-south transit boulevard and also in the Mueller Town Center. The theory is that the wider street will have businesses to promote different activity and engagement. They will also cut down on transportation needs if they are walkable, not to mention those commute trips that are now vertical rather than vehicular."