Non-Urban Townhouses in Albany Pros & Cons

Some townhouse projects have a feature or two that are not quite urban.  Astute readers will note that the 2010 Slow Home Award-winning townhouses don't actually face a street.  Now the Albany Times Union's Chris Churchill writes about the Lofts at Bryn Mawr, sturdy brick townhouses in Albany, New York that were designed by 3T Architects and won an award form the local AIA, but according to Google Maps the townhouses are in a suburban neighborhood next to an office park.  What are the pros?  Suburban townhouses can help increase the number of people who are comfortable living in attached buildings, and serve as examples for financing urban townhouses.  Furthermore, I hunted around Lofts developer Crisafulli Associates' website and found that they are currently constructing a more urban townhouse development: the Townhouses at Center Square, rendering above.