Small Urban Building Preservation in Cincinnati, Ohio

I read dozens of web pages every day about small urban buildings (set a Google Alert for "townhouse" and see what I mean), but one that not only caught my eye but also continued to impress upon further investigation belongs to Over-the-Rhine Community Housing in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I recently posted about OTRCH's new construction townhouse project, City Home, but the organization has accomplished several redevelopment and preservation projects: 228 East Clifton, 6 Findlay Street (photo above), 145-147 Mulberry Street, and 1225, 1300, 1301, and 1327 Vine Street.  Chapeau!  OTRCH's work suggests that the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood is full of small urban buildings to preserve and learn from.  For example, OTRCH's architect on the City Home project, Schickel Design, also designed the renovation of a building on 14th Street.  A field trip to Cincinnati is in order!  But these projects provoke a larger question: what do you call such attached urban buildings that are larger than a typical townhouse but much smaller than a "tower"?