Jeff Speck Residence Images

A couple of days ago, Jeff Speck himself -- architect, planner, former Director of Design for the National Endowment for the Arts, and co-author of the Smart Growth Manual -- graciously sent us some photos of his residence.  It is a "flatiron" building on an acutely triangular lot, so it is not as prototypical as most of the buildings we aim to feature on this website.  However, it is a small attached urban building, and it is full of many lessons for townhouse designers.  So we uploaded them to the TownhouseCenter group/photo pool on Flickr.  Check out the set here!  How does its design respond to that of its neighboring buildings?  How does it accomplish circulation -- vertical and horizontal -- in an efficient way?  If you have images of townhouses -- photos or drawings -- upload them to Flickr, join the TownhouseCenter group, and add them to our photo pool for all to enjoy!