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  • Video: Slow Home Studio, including managing overlooking neighbors, “clear” and “poor” floorplans, staircases, and entries.
  • Site and FREE PLANS: Hi-Res Miami
  • E-Publication: Hermann Gonzalez et al, Infill Housing.  Also print: Infill Housing.  Also events: URBAN_VARIANTS, exhibit at Bas Fisher Invitational, 2013-11-01 to -24; bus tour 2013-11-10.
  • E-Publication: Hermann Gonzalez, Jason Chandler & Haley Pery, Infill Housing 2.  Also print: Infill Housing 2.  Also event: All Buildings Great & Small, exhibit at Coral Gables Museum, 2014-08-29 to -10-26.
  • Print: Atelier Bow-Wow, Pet Architecture Guide Book Vol. 2.
  • Print: Robert Dalziel & Sheila Qureshi, House in the City: Home Truths in Urban Architecture.
  • Print: Eric Firley & Caroline Stahl, Urban Housing Handbook.
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  • Video: Store Front.  Also gallery: Store Front.  Also print: James Murray & Karla, Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York.
  • Gallery: Full Frontal TO.  Also print: Shawn Micallef & Patrick Cummins, Full Frontal TO: Exploring Toronto's Architectural Vernacular.
  • E-Publication: Frontage Secrets by Brown Design Studio


  • Site: Interface Studio Architects, 100K Houses, Flexhouse
  • Site: Rational House
  • Site: Brown Design Studio, Single Family - Townhouses (14, 18, and 30 feet wide)
  • Site: Living Together: Tenements
  • Site: "What Makes Paris Look Like Paris?" including videopaperopen-source codeParis/non game.
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